At DB ALTUM SPECIALISTS you can always find good price, free estimates and kind service.



At the great price we offer complete bathroom remodelling including plumbing and laying down the tiles.


Complete kitchens rebuild.


All range of works with basements. Including concrete works as well as flooring, painting etc..


We'll gladly pick up ANY remodelling job you can imagine !

Roofing Companies services Chicago

We cooperate with roofing companies:
There is plenty of great roofing companies in Chicago.Most of them provides wide range of roofing services including sidings, gutters and windows.They are reliable and amazing at restoration, very professional. We recommend them for your home!

Tuckpointing and masonry restoration in Chicago

We teamed up with yet another one Tuckpointing and masonry restoration company in Chicago :
Prime Masonry Chicago - we work with them on exterior jobs requiring tuckpointing and masonry restoration


From Paul Weiss
(312) 590 4644

"Owner of DB ALTUM Company is like having a close and trusted friend or relative in your home.
We had him completely gut and rebuid two bathrooms, replace the entire plumbing system.
His workmanship is that of a fine craftsman.
We are so pleased with his work that we have recommended him to our friends and relatives. We have also had him back at our home for more projects."

From James & Eder Van Swol
[email protected]

"We hired DB Altum for carpentry, plumbing and painting.
Superb job !
We will definitely hire them back for our kitchen and basement remodeling in the spring.
We can't thank them enough for the great job they've done for us."

Our Key Features

  • Professional, high quality repairs

  • Craftmaship in broad range of works

  • Dependability and availability
Free estimates and consultations.

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About Us

DB Altum Construction. Inc.

Our company is a professional remodeling business serving the Chicago area since 1999.

We handle a wide range of project, but specialize in interior remodeling, such as bathrooms
kitchens, basements and light commercial work.
We have the skills and expertise needed to deliver quality workmanship.60% of our company's business comes from repeat customers and referrals because we guarantee the highest quality of service.

We welcome you to experience
the DB Altum Construction Inc.