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From Paul Weiss
(312) 590 4644

"Owner of DB ALTUM Company is like having a close and trusted friend or relative in your home.
We had him completely gut and rebuid two bathrooms, replace the entire plumbing system.
His workmanship is that of a fine craftsman.
We are so pleased with his work that we have recommended him to our friends and relatives. We have also had him back at our home for more projects."

From James & Eder Van Swol
[email protected]

"We hired DB Altum for carpentry, plumbing and painting.
Superb job !
We will definitely hire them back for our kitchen and basement remodeling in the spring.
We can't thank them enough for the great job they've done for us."

Our Key Features

  • Professional, high quality repairs

  • Craftmaship in broad range of works

  • Dependability and availability

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Isn’t the amount of people in Chicago who cannot get into their car each day incredible? Although it may sound made-up, it is completely true. In addition, many people do not take car keys with them anymore, or they completely forget to take one. Rather than keys, the majority of today’s car owners utilize a remote in order to open their car.

Emergency car opening Obtain emergency car opening services from car locksmiths throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas as they usually work 24/7. This includes Second City Locksmith Chicago, our qualified car key locksmith company.

What happens in an emergency car opening? When you call a car locksmith Chicago, first they will put you on the line with a professional car opener. This specialist will pay attention as you explain your current situation. You will share the location of the parking lot as well as your vehicle’s make and model.

Is emergency car unlocking risky? Emergency car opening will not damage your car in the slightest. Through use of specialized tools, professionals will open your car quickly, no matter its price and model.