At DB ALTUM SPECIALISTS you can always find good price, free estimates and kind service.


From Paul Weiss
(312) 590 4644

"Owner of DB ALTUM Company is like having a close and trusted friend or relative in your home.
We had him completely gut and rebuid two bathrooms, replace the entire plumbing system.
His workmanship is that of a fine craftsman.
We are so pleased with his work that we have recommended him to our friends and relatives. We have also had him back at our home for more projects."

From James & Eder Van Swol
[email protected]

"We hired DB Altum for carpentry, plumbing and painting.
Superb job !
We will definitely hire them back for our kitchen and basement remodeling in the spring.
We can't thank them enough for the great job they've done for us."

Our Key Features

  • Professional, high quality repairs

  • Craftmaship in broad range of works

  • Dependability and availability

Since 1995, one company has stood above all other hotel renovation companies in Chicago – AVA Hotel Renovations

Our commitment to excellence and the passion we show for our work has made us the industry standard for hotel renovations in Chicago. When you’re working to provide your customers with the best hotel experience possible, why settle for other hotel remodeling companies in Chicago? At AVA, our winning solution begins with our experienced and talented craftsmen. Members of our team each have years of experience working as hotel remodeling contractors in Chicago, ensuring that they are up to whatever task you throw at them. Whether you need new balcony railings, new flooring, or a complete overhaul of your interior fixtures, our guys can handle it. We also make sure to provide them with the best possible equipment and materials for each job. While some hotel renovation companies in Chicago look to cut costs with cheaper building materials, we get you the best while saving costs through our extensive professional relationships

For the most thorough project planning and design expertise, AVA Hotel Renovations in Chicago is the clear choice

Don’t leave your hotel’s future up to chance with other hotel renovation companies in Chicago. With any major construction project, there’s bound to be a hundred things which can go wrong, which is why we plan for everything. Your hotel renovations in Chicago will begin with your planners working alongside our design team. Once the plans are drawn up, we’ll get you through the permit application process with unparalleled ease. A lot of newer hotel remodeling companies in Chicago can get hung up on this part, but we have done this a million times before. As soon as we’re ready for construction to begin, we’ll take care of every part of the procurement process, ordering every last screw and plank of wood from our friends in distribution and manufacturing. No matter how intricate your design or how high your standards, we guarantee that your vision will come to life in our hands.

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