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From Paul Weiss
(312) 590 4644

"Owner of DB ALTUM Company is like having a close and trusted friend or relative in your home.
We had him completely gut and rebuid two bathrooms, replace the entire plumbing system.
His workmanship is that of a fine craftsman.
We are so pleased with his work that we have recommended him to our friends and relatives. We have also had him back at our home for more projects."

From James & Eder Van Swol
[email protected]

"We hired DB Altum for carpentry, plumbing and painting.
Superb job !
We will definitely hire them back for our kitchen and basement remodeling in the spring.
We can't thank them enough for the great job they've done for us."

Our Key Features

  • Professional, high quality repairs

  • Craftmaship in broad range of works

  • Dependability and availability

Window replacing techniques like you’ve never seen before

What hiring a good worker can change

If you are a person who works in window replacement business, you probably know what I’m talking about. If you need such service, read this to know what is the best way to handle all the work without being fooled. With those specific tips anyone could hire the best window replacement service they could imagine. If you are looking for reliable window replacement from Lake Forest, this information can be even more useful to you, because I usually write about companies from this area. This time I discovered OPAL Window Replacement. They worked for my fathers cousin, and knowing what I do for a living, he immediately reached out to me to talk about his amazing experience. Why it was amazing? Hiring a good worker can completely change the way you see window replacement.

A House Facelift with Window

Talking a lot about window replacement Chicago?

Everyone I know talks about how his window replacement contractor was the best, but they haven’t seen OPAL Window Replacement. I think that those people are the best workers of any kind I dealt with, and if I could, I would hire them to do literally anything. They specialize in window stuff though, and thank God, because what they do is marvelous. Commercial window replacement isn’t something they are afraid of, and knowing that, I regret that I didn’t know about them much earlier. That good contractor could save me a lot of money and stress, I’m not even talking about time. As I was told, people from OPAL have the best places in whole area of Lake Forest, and given that and the amazing quality of their work, I am sure that they are the best choice anyone living in this area could make.

OPAL window companies during work